Articles Posted in Legal Profession — Where It Fails Its Business Clients

Too many businesses find that they spend too much on lawyers — and get too little risk protection in return.

But their executive management should not look to attorneys — outside or inside their companies — to fix this on their own any time soon.

At least not without relentless prompting from business leaders.

Only a minority of attorneys practicing in law firms offer business clients alternatives to the billable hour, to purposeful overstaffing & duplication of effort, to insertion of inexperienced lawyers alongside those capable of working on their own, and to the slow-walking of accuracy-enhancing and labor-saving tech adoption.

And only a minority of in-house counsel are making meaningful demands for such alternatives. Though you might expect that in-house counsels’ outlook might align with that of the P&L executives for whom they work.

In a recent Twitter conversation (here and here), a handful of this minority agreed that long-ballyhooed legal innovations have yet to arrive.

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