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LET’S GET IN TOUCH and talk about your goals for a cost-effective legal & regulatory compliance function in your business. I’d welcome the chance to discuss where you want to be in cost control – and to talk about proactive business processes designed to prevent liability and regulatory jeopardy in the first place.


Joel Webber

Joel A. Webber, P.C.

717 Forest Avenue Suite 388

Lake Forest, IL 60045




Telephone: 847 446 0044

Facsimile: 847 501 4858



You can just call my office at 847 446 0044.

Or you can e-mail, send a letter, or fax me to discuss your needs in detail.

However it is that you contact me, please don’t include any information that you consider confidential, secret, or otherwise sensitive in any voicemail recording, e-mail message, hard copy letter or fax that you send me.

Just like you and your business, I have to stay on the right side of the laws and regulations that apply to me. So please forgive the formality – and observe the disclosures about legal and regulatory technicalities set forth below.


Disclosures About Legal Technicalities

Please do not include in any communication any information that you consider confidential, secret or otherwise sensitive. If and when an attorney-client relationship is established, then certain information will be treated as confidential, but only after a formal engagement letter is fully executed by both myself as an attorney and the client company.

Unless and until you and I have established an attorney-client relationship by full execution of a formal engagement letter, I am not able to guarantee that any information that you send to me will be treated by my firm or by me as confidential. This means any information you send – absent such full execution of a formal engagement letter – may be subject to disclosure to those outside my firm or other than myself, including persons or entities whose interests are, whose interest will be, or whose interests might be adverse to you.

Please be advised that my firm’s receipt or my receipt of your e-mail message, your voicemail, or any correspondence in any form, hard copy or electronic, has not, and will not, establish an attorney-client relationship between you, my firm or me as an attorney at law.

Receipt of any information from you will not prevent my firm or me from representing a current or a future client in any matter, including any matter discussed in your message.

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